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An Introduction to Aston Invested Managers

What is Aston Invested Managers

Aston Invested Managers (AIM) is the leading teacher owned Investment Company for English Education in China.

A Hong Kong Limited Company, AIM enables Western and Chinese educational staff to own and run their own English Training School.


A Brief History of AIM:


AIM was established in 2007 with the goal of helping teachers and managers of Aston English Schools own a share of the school in which they work.

In August 2007, Aston Invested Managers opened its first school in partnership with Aston Investments Singapore (AIS) in the city of Hohhot.

With this school successfully launched a second AIM invested school opened two months later in Mianyang, again in partnership with AIS.


In January 2008, AIM became Master Franchisees of the Aston brand for a large territory in Inner Mongolia, which includes the cities of Baotou, Ordos, Wuhai, Bayun Nur and Ulanqab. The first of the schools from this agreement opened in Ordos in December 2008.


2009 saw Ordos Aston become the Quality Leaders for English Training in the city and it remains the only fully licensed Native-Speaker English School there. Elsewhere, with AIM’s support and guidance, Hohhot and Mianyang Aston Schools also became amongst the leaders in their markets.


2010 was a good year for AIM with Ordos Aston Location 2 opening in the Summer.  This school became AIM's most successful school and fastestgrowing school yet.


2011 was the busiest year for AIM.  In spring time Daqi Aston opened.  Summer time saw Ordos' first location move to a bigger and more spacious new location.

In autumn, a new school opened in the cultural city of Xilinhot, home of a large Mongolian population.  Finally the winter saw the set up of a brand new Aston School in Wuhai, in the far west of Inner Mongolia.


After the hard work of last year, 2012 has been a little less hectic.

However, this has still seen AIM enter the Fujian Province English Training Market with a new school in Zhangzhou City.


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